And so it begins!

For several years I have been looking for a cheap, quick, cheap, easy, cheap, standard, cheap way to design websites…. oh, did I mention cheap?

I am not a designer by any means, but I enjoy tinkering on-line. There are also several websites I maintain (including my own at ) and I’d really wanted to have a standard desing interface; Some websites are on google sites, one on WebEasy, this one in Incomedia X5…. yikes! My head spins just thinking about it.

Then one day I stumble on WordPress. Suddenly I realize I can design professional websites for FREE! And I have a standard interface, and keep them on wordpress or on my local host, depending if I want to pay for host services or not.

And so it has begun…. my goal is to transfer the old website to here. This may take a month or so, but it will happen, because even cheap isn’t worth it if it isn’t used!

– Mike Bellino KBA Webmaster

About kearsagebeekeepers

Webmaster for the Kearsarge Beekeepers Association based in central New Hampshire, USA.
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2 Responses to And so it begins!

  1. John Chadwick says:

    Hi Mike, I just saw the new site and I like it. WordPress is a great resource. Will we have some kind of pictures page or gallery? How about something similar to the Yahoo group? The more people that come here and participate will make it better.
    Keep up the good work.
    John Chadwick

    • Hi John, Glad you like it! Yes, I am working to set up a club photo account that any club member can upload photos. Not sure how best to integrate into website, but I will look at it. If you know of any wordpress blog which does this nicely, send me a link and I will check it out!


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