Bee Suppliers for 2015

Here is a list of some bee suppliers in the area. This list is not all encompassing, it is just the suppliers that we are aware of nearby. The listing order is not indicative of preference or quality. It just is a list. Get your bees ordered early, it may be too late for some suppliers as they may be sold out.  Good Luck!

B_Line Apiaries, Alden Marshall, Hudson, NH 883-6764 Packages, queens and nucs Rick Reault, Tyngsboro, MA  978 957-2233 Packages, Nucs and queens John & Alison Solomonides, Gilsum, NH 354-8019 Packages Allen Lindahl, Merrimack, NH 429-0808 Packages and queens

Spring Fever Farm, Ben Chadwick, Alton, NH 875-3544 Packages, nucs and queens

Hall Apiaries, Troy Hall 298-7209, Queens and Nucs

Sunhill Farm, Zachary Lamas, Salisbury, NH 748-5334 Queens and Nucs

West Meadow Apiaries, Fred Merriam, Braintree, VT 480 209-2098 Nucs  Champlain Valley Bees and Queens, Kirk Webster, Middlebury, VT 802 989-5895, Queens and Nucs

Suppliers….If you are not listed here and wish to be send us your information.

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1 Response to Bee Suppliers for 2015

  1. Anthony Hackett says:

    Thank you I’m in Bartlett , NH and was trying to find a bees place closed to us, and I found the Spring Fever Farm in Alton. Yup only 1 1/2 hour drive. My other place I got my bees and hive ws in Gilsum, NH and that’s 3 hours one way.. Thank You!

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