KBA Meeting at Club Apiary – May 13th




Instead of meeting at the Warner Library next Saturday, we will meet at our new club apiary for a fun, educational hands-on session.  Kevin Sargent will demo queen marking and wing clipping.  He will also go over hive management techniques, things to look for in the hive, and talk about frame manipulation to make colonies grow faster.  John Chadwick, Dana Ramspott and other experienced beekeepers will also be there to answer questions and share information. 

Bring your bee veil (required for close-up viewing) and other protective clothing if you wish.  Also bring needed supplies for any spring outdoor event such as a folding chair, tick repellent, water, camera, etc.  Most of all bring all your curiosity and beekeeping questions.  If you don’t yet have a bee veil, there will be a few available to borrow at the apiary on Saturday.

This is only the beginning!  The KBA apiary will be open at scheduled times throughout the summer and probably into the fall so you can see the changes in the hives as we go through the seasons.  That schedule will be posted soon.  This is a wonderful opportunity not available in many other clubs. 

Directions to 223 North Rd. From rt 89 take exit 12 follow rt 11 west towards Sunapee approximately 6 miles. Look for Smokey bear sign at bottom of hill in Sunapee. Take next right lower main Street follow for approximately ½ mile North Rd will be on the right follow for exactly 1 mile 223 North Rd will be on the left. Plenty of parking in yard. From Claremont area follow rt 11 east through Newport towards Sunapee bear left at 11 and 103 junction look for lower main Street on left approximately 1½ miles beyond junction follow lower main Street for ½ a mile then take North Rd for 1 mile 223 will be on your left plenty of parking in yard.

Please note: There will not be a May business meeting.  Next regular meeting will be Saturday, June 10.

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