Kearsarge Beekeepers Association (KBA)

We are located in the heart of New Hampshire and are dedicated to promoting beekeeping and supporting beekeepers in our area.

Our area is a bit south and west of the middle of the state, encompassing the towns of Warner, Contoocook, Andover, Springfield, Claremont, Acworth, New London, Plainfield and many more.

We meet monthly on the second Saturday of the month in Warner at the Pillsbury Library on Main St. 9-11 am. Usually we have a cookout in the summer and a fall harvest dinner in early November, on those months we don’t have a regular meeting. There is no meeting in December.

We host speakers, live demonstrations, bee mentors,  a biennial bee school, club library, monthly newsletter, social gatherings and a club honey extractor for members.

If you have any questions about the club or beekeeping in general, please consult with one of our officers or mentors via the contact info below:

If you’d like to join our club, click to our “Join Us” page.