Contact Us

The 2017 Officers:

Shane Howard 276-8040

Brian Jasinski 802-356-4322

Robin Gray 927-4127

Recording Secretary
Deborah Dunlop 938-2027

Newsletter Editor
Barbara Burns 927-4965

MENTORS: The following club members have graciously volunteered to be mentors to our new beekeepers. They are also available to share their experiences and knowledge with other members who have questions or need advice.

    • Richard Brewster…..Andover……….735-5457
    • Alan Carruth…………Newport……….863-7064
    • John Chadwick……..Sutton…………..927-4327
    • Tom Dickson………..Andover…………340-3029
    • Randy Fleury……….South Sutton…..927-4144
    • Dave Hartman……..Warner…………..456-3881
    • Bill MacDonald…….Newport…………863-4012

KBA Facebook

KBA Webmaster

Mike Bellino –

KBA owns a 3-frame tangential extractor, great for small batches. It is available to any and all KBA members. Please contact Dave Hartman at 456-3881 to arrange to borrow it. Of course, it needs to be cleaned before it is returned!


  • July (to allow flexibility for the Summer Picnic)
  • October (to avoid conflict with Warner Fall Foliage)
  • November (to allow flexibility for the Holiday Potluck)
  • December – no meeting

The meetings will be 9AM to 11AM at the Warner Library unless otherwise noted.

Would you like to join our (free) e-group for current members? After you sign up, ask questions, reply with answers and also have member notifications delivered to your inbox.

You subscribe by simply sending an e-mail to the address below (no subject or body required). Once approved, you’re in. To post a question send an e-mail to the address below. Should you choose to leave the e-group, just send an e-mail to (you guessed it) to the address below.

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3 Responses to Contact Us

  1. Suzie Rovell-Rixx says:

    Is Bee School a four-day course (on the given dates) from 1pm – 4pm or is it a one-day course on any of the four dates (from 1pm – 4pm)? I would like to attend, as a student, and bring a new member & his wife depending on class duration (1 day or 4 days). Thanks, Suzie R2

  2. Eric De King says:

    I am reviewing the KBA Facebook page in search of a means of submitting a Friend Request so as to join the page. I have not been able to locate such an option and would appreciate some guidance towards this end. Thanks.

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