Local Bee Suppliers

Local Bee Suppliers

Kevin Sargent, 5 frame Nuclei colonies and queens, Newport, NH, 603-843-5927

Hall Apiaries, Troy Hall 298-7209, Queens and Nucs

B_Line Apiaries, Alden Marshall, Hudson, NH 883-6764 Packages, queens and nucs

http://www.nebees.com/ Rick Reault, Tyngsboro, MA  978 957-2233 Packages, Nucs and queens

http://nhhoneybee.com/ John & Alison Solomonides, Gilsum, NH 354-8019 Packages

http://www.hillsidebees.com/ Allen Lindahl, Merrimack, NH 429-0808 Packages and queens

Spring Fever Farm, Ben Chadwick, Alton, NH 875-3544 Packages, nucs and queens

Zachary Lamas, Salisbury, NH 748-5334 Queens and Nucs

West Meadow Apiaries, Braintree, VT 480 209-2098 Nucs

Kirk Webster, Middlebury, VT 802 989-5895, Queens and Nucs

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